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Autopot Easy 2GO Kit



Autopot Easy 2GO Kit

Looking for a reliable solution to keep your plants healthy while you’re away on vacation? Look no further than the Autopot Easy 2GO Kit.

This innovative kit utilizes the patented AQUAvalve technology to deliver water to your plants for weeks on end, using a simple tray and reservoir setup. Unlike other holiday watering kits, the easy2GO is designed to provide optimal water levels to meet your plants’ specific needs, without the need for timers or electricity.

Simply place the easy2GO onto your gardening tray alongside your potted plants, and let it do the rest. The system will distribute water to your plants from below, keeping them happy and healthy while you’re away.

Thanks to its unique design, the easy2GO is incredibly easy to use and maintain. And because it doesn’t require electricity or complicated timers, it’s also incredibly eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Autopot Easy 2GO Kit keeps your plants thriving while you’re away, whether it’s for a weekend or a month. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!


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