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Autopot Pots




Autopot Pots

Introducing Autopot Pots – the ultimate solution for hydroponic growers. Our range of pots comes in three sizes, catering to all your plant-growing needs.The easy2grow system and 1Pot Systems can interchangeably use the 8.5 litre and 15 litre pots, but the 1Pot XL System requires the exclusive use of the 25 litre pot.

Our innovative design features a rotatable system, which enables easy access to even the largest of plants. With Pots, you can maintain your plants perfectly and ensure that they grow to their fullest potential.

The easy2grow Modules and Systems come with an 8.5 litre pot as standard, but you have the option to upgrade to a 15 litre pot when placing your order with us. On the other hand, the 1Pot System includes a 15 litre pot as standard, whereas the 1Pot XL System comes with a 25 litre pot.

Autopot Pots in black and green (8.5L only in green), UK-made with top quality standards. They are designed to last for numerous seasons, providing excellent drainage for your plants.

Autopot Pots provide ample growing area for both small and large plants in cultivation. With their durable design and excellent drainage capabilities,  Pots are a must-have for hydroponic growers.

Upgrade your hydroponic growing game today with Autopot Pots – the perfect solution for all your plant-growing needs.

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