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Canna Mono Trace Mix



Canna Mono Trace Mix

Introducing Canna Mono Trace Mix – a mineral feed that is perfect for both growth and bloom in your grow rooms . This trace mix contains vital trace elements such as Fe, Mo, Cu, Mn, B, and Zn that play a crucial role in the development of your plants.

This trace mix supplements trace elements, reducing deficiencies, and is compatible with most products, except those with concentrated calcium. With a concentration of 0.06% Fe, this mineral feed contains organic layers of DTPA&EDDHA that prevent Oxidation.

This trace mix is a supplement to reduce trace element deficiency, suitable for most feeds. The plant readily absorbs it, giving a fast and effective remedy for any deficiency in trace elements

Dilute 10-20 ml of Canna Mono Trace Mix per 10 L water and be careful with dosage. An over dose of this mineral feed could be harmful to the plant.

Canna Trace Mix is ideal for hydro growers who want essential trace elements for plants’ optimal growth and bloom.  Get your hands on this mineral feed today and watch your plants thrive!


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