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RVK Extractors A1



RVK Extractors A1

Introducing the Systemair RVK Extractors A1 – the fan that can take your grow room setups to the next level. Known for German precision and bulletproof reliability, these fans are ideal for indoor grow rooms, making them a perfect addition.

The RVK Extractors A1 provide six sizes and speeds to suit any grow room, enabling customized ventilation options. Whether you have a small indoor garden or a larger operation, these fans will provide reliable and consistent performance day and night.

Installation of the RVK Extractors A1 is a breeze thanks to their IEC connections that are easy to use and connect. These fans, with their durable German construction and two year warranty, are built to last.

RVK Extractors A1 stand out from other fans with their ability to hold carbon filters. When paired with a high quality filter, these fans can help eliminate unwanted odours and keep your grow room smelling fresh and clean. Their efficient and powerful performance ensures they can do this without using excessive amounts of energy.

All RVK fans, including the Extractors A1, can be mounted in any position using the fixing clamp supplied. The fans, which have a casing made from PA6 Fiberglass Reinforced plastic to minimize air leakage and provide a tough outer casing, are also suitable for use with inline ducting.

The RVK Extractors A1, which feature backward curved blades and external rotor motors, offer superior performance and reliability with their construction. The mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal while stopping the transfer of vibration to the duct or fixing surface.

In summary

If you’re looking for a high quality fan that can help keep your grow rooms well ventilated and odour free. Look no further than the Systemair RVK Extractors. Superior, durable, and easy to install, they’re ideal for indoor growers who want optimal performance.

  • Speed Controllable (Triac or Voltage)
  • Thermal Protection
  • Energy Efficient, backwards curved Motorised Impeller
  • To reduce Vibration and noise, we Dynamically Balance the Impeller in two levels.
  • Casing made of extremely durable 30% Fibreglass Reinforced Polypropylene
  • Suitable to Ventilate damp or even wet rooms: IP44 rated Terminal Box
  • Includes Mounting Bracket
  • Maintenance free and reliable quality
  • Made in Germany


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4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"


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