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Growth Technology Formulex



Growth Technology Formulex

Introducing Growth Technology Formulex, the ultimate nutrient solution that caters to the diverse needs of your hydroponic plants. This highly versatile formula is meticulously designed to foster robust growth and development, ensuring your fruits, vegetables, and flowers thrive abundantly.

Formulex stands out as a complete nutrient solution, boasting an optimal blend of macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements. These essential components provide your plants with everything they require to flourish, facilitating healthy growth from the roots up. What’s more, Formulex is enriched with vital vitamins and amino acids that fortify plant resilience, enabling them to better withstand stressful conditions.

Unleash the potential of Formulex as it effortlessly adapts to all stages of your plants’ lifecycle. From nurturing delicate seedlings to nourishing mature plants, this nutrient solution remains a steadfast companion throughout the growth journey. Regardless of the growing medium you prefer, be it soil, coco coir, or hydroponic systems, Formulex seamlessly integrates to optimize your plant’s nutritional intake.

We offer Formulex in three convenient sizes to suit your specific needs. Choose from the compact yet effective 100ml bottle, the generous 1-liter option, or the cost effective 5-liter container. No matter the scale of your hydroponic setup, Formulex ensures you have an adequate supply to support your flourishing plants.

Harness the power

Growth Technology Formulex will unlock the true potential of your hydroponic garden. With its comprehensive nutrient profile, adaptability, and range of sizes, Formulex is the ultimate choice for gardeners who seek exceptional growth and vitality in their plants. Experience the remarkable results that Formulex brings, and witness your plants thrive like never before.

  • FORMULEX is the very first formulation to contain a full nutrient profile in a single container.
  • FORMULEX is stable. All elements are present and will remain available to plants through varying conditions of usage.
  • FORMULEX concentrate can produce a working solution up to 100 times its volume
  • FORMULEX is complete. Hydroponic applications require a solution that supplies every nutrient element
  • FORMULEX is versatile. It is suitable for hydroponic or soil cultivation and especially recommended for foliar feeding.
  • The creators of FORMULEX formulated it meticulously to ensure that it achieves a pH of 6 when mixed with tap water Hydroponic growers no longer need to worry about pH.
  • FORMULEX, made from laboratory grade materials, adheres to exacting standards during manufacturing. It is one of a range of products from Growth Technology that truly heralds a quiet revolution in horticulture.

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