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VAPR Nano Spray Gun



VAPR Nano Spray Gun

Introducing the VAPR Nano Spray Gun, an Innovative ULV Mist Dispenser that ensures high liquid coverage at low pressure. With its wireless design, enjoy up to 2 hours of effective battery life.

This Nano Sprayer provides an ultra low volume solution, dispensing liquids with maximum efficiency. Its unique technology enables it to disperse high liquid amounts as a fine mist using low pressure.

The Spray Gun offers an effective distance of around 2 meters from the desired plants. This allows you to reach those hard to access areas ensuring good application every time.

However its crucial to follow a simple post use procedure. After each application, remember to flush the sprayer with clean water for 30 seconds. This easy step prevents clogging and ensures smooth running.

With its stylish design and lightweight construction, the VAPR Nano Spray Gun offers excellent maneuverability. Its comfortable grip allows for use without causing strain. Plus, its wireless so takes away the hassle of tangled cords.


This sprayer guarantees efficient liquid dispersion. Its ultra low volume capability optimizes liquid usage, covering a large area with less liquid.

Furthermore, the VAPR Liquid Nano Sprayer does not limit itself to any specific liquid type. It adapts to various solutions, allowing you to utilize it for a wide range of products.

Upgrade your grow room tools with the VAPR Nano Spray Gun. Furthermore, with wireless operation and long lasting battery life, it becomes a must have for your spraying needs.

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