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Newa Micro MC450



Micro-Jet MC450 Oxy Pump

The Newa Micro MC450 is an excellent choice for hydroponic enthusiasts looking for a cost-effective, high-quality submersible oxy pump. Designed to oxygenate your hydroponic system, this pump features an air intake valve that helps to enhance the overall health and growth of your plants.

This pump is easy to use and comes wired ready to use with 2 meters of cable and a 13 amp plug. The adjustable flow rate allows you to control the water flow to match the specific needs of your plants. The Micro-Jet Oxy pump also comes equipped with a removable foam filter that prevents particles from entering the pump.

With its compact size and exceptional pumping capacity, the Micro Jet Oxy pump can be used completely submerged or in as little as 1/2″ of water. The pump is supported by a quadruple suction cup that ensures stable and silent operation. Its ultra-reliable and low power consumption make it an efficient choice for any hydroponic setup.

The Newa Micro MC450 can pump up to 450 liters per hour to a maximum height of 70 cm. Therefore areas with hard water, it is recommended to periodically descale the pump to prevent hard water deposits from building up.


The Newa Micro MC450 is a reliable, high-quality pump that is perfect for use in hydroponic systems. Its exceptional performance, compact size, and low power make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced hydroponic gardeners.

  •     Compact in size
  •     Exceptional pumping capacity
  •     Use completely submerged or in as little as 1/2″ of water
  •     Quadruple suction cup support that ensures stable and silent operation
  •     Ultra reliable
  •     Low power consumption

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