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Maxi Jet MJ500



Introducing the Maxi Jet MJ500, the ultimate solution for hydro gardeners who require a powerful water pump that can keep up with their demanding needs. Submersible pump with 10L/min flow rate suitable for large hydroponic systems like NFT, Wilma, Ebb & Flood, and Aeroponics.

You can use the MJ500 water pump externally or submerged, depending on your specific needs. It offers versatility and is capable of various applications.Whether you need to circulate water in a nutrient film technique (NFT) system, flood and drain system, or aeroponic system, the Maxi Jet MJ500 is up to the task.

Silent, low maintenance water pump lets you focus on growing healthy plants without distractions. The water proof outlet rotates 360 degrees, allowing precise water flow direction adjustment to desired location.

Installing Maxi Jet MJ500 is easy with its 3 suction cup mount that ensures stable and tip-over prevention during operation.

With a maximum pumping capacity of 500 litres per hour, the MJ500 can handle even the most demanding hydroponic setups. It’s also energy efficient, so you won’t have to worry about running up your electricity bill.

In summary

Maxi Jet MJ500 is an excellent water pump for hydro systems that’s powerful, reliable, and versatile. Ideal for hydroponic growers, it boasts innovation, high pumping capacity, and silent operation, making it a top choice.

  • Can be used externally or submerged
  • Silent & low maintenance
  • Offer a 360 degree rotating water proof outlet
  • Innovative 3 suction cup mount support bracket



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