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Maxi Jet MJ1000


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Introducing the Maxi Jet MJ1000, the perfect solution for hydroponic enthusiasts seeking a reliable and powerful water pump for their setup. This pump is popular for big hydroponic setups like NFT, Wilma, Ebb & Flood, and Aeroponic systems. Its versatile design allows for use in DIY systems.

The Maxi Jet MJ1000 allows for both submerged and external use, providing growers with greater flexibility in hydroponic system setup. It operates quietly, effectively, and with low maintenance, making it practical for busy growers. The device produces no buzzing sounds and is easy to upkeep.

One of the standout features of the MJ1000 is its 360 degree rotating water proof outlet, which allows you to direct the water flow exactly where you need it. This feature comes in handy, especially in larger hydroponic systems, where water flow direction is critical for optimal plant growth.

Another innovative design element is the 3 suction cup mount support bracket, which provides extra stability for the pump. Securely placing the pump minimizes the risk of damage to the pump or plants in your hydroponic system.

Maxi Jet MJ1000 water pump can move 1000L/hr up to 1.5m high; it’s potent. Your hydro system will thrive with this powerful solution that delivers essential water and nutrients for ideal plant growth.

In conclusion, the Maxi Jet MJ1000 is a highly effective and versatile water pump suitable for hydroponic systems of all sizes. This hydroponic grower tool is practical with quiet operation, low maintenance, waterproof outlet, and 3 suction cup mount.

  • Can be used externally or submerged
  • Silent & low maintenance
  • Offer a 360 degree rotating water proof outlet
  • Innovative 3 suction cup mount support bracket



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