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Jiffy coco pellet 38mm



Jiffy coco pellet 38mm x 10

Jiffy coco pellet 38mm peat free propagation pellets are based on the Jiffy 7 ‘container and media in one’ principle with the advantages of being made from coir and peat free.

Using these propagation pellets for cuttings and seeds allows plants to produce strong and healthy air pruned root systems and minimises transplant shock and root disturbance allowing plants to establish much faster.

Advantages of Using Coir: Coir maintains excellent air porosity even when saturated giving better plants with faster growing roots.

Coir has better water retention qualities than peat based composts reducing the need for watering.

Coir absorbs moisture immediately even when dry unlike many composts which form a water repellent crust making re-wetting difficult.

Made from renewable sources and biodegradable.

How To Use:

These pellets are dried compressed coir discs with a biodegradable outer fabric netting and are simple to use.

Soak the pellet in a tray of water and allow it to expand.

They are then ready for planting with seeds or cuttings.

To sow with seeds simply make a small hole in the top plant the seed and then gently cover with the coir.

To plant with cuttings make a deep narrow hole and gently push the stem to about 2/3rds of the depth of the pellet.

The pellets can then be placed in a propagator and are ready for transplanting when the roots are growing from the sides of the pellet


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