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Atami Cocos substrate



Atami Cocos substrate

Introducing Atami Cocos substrate – the perfect hydroponic solution for your plants! This original blend contains a light fertilizer that promotes rapid growth in the first week of veg, giving your plants a great start.

Atami Cocos medium is RHP certified, ensuring high quality and performance. Its unique composition allows it to quickly absorb and redistribute nutritious water, maintaining optimal humidity levels without the risk of over wetting. The coco fibre in the medium facilitates oxygen circulation, promoting root growth and nutrient movment.

Using Atami Cocos medium is easy. It comes with enough feed to supplement the first week of growth, after which you can water with liquid feed and stimulators. You only need 1-5 liters per square meter for adult plants, making it a cost effective solution.

This medium is suitable for both seeds and cuttings, giving you more flexibility in your planting. Plus, Atami Cocos medium is washed and steamed to ensure it’s free of toxins and safe for your plants. Its quality manufacturing process guarantees robust and worry free growing for repeated use.

Remember, Atami Cocos medium is your go-to solution for maxium growth. Its unique blend of coco fiber and light feed will give your plants the optimal start they need to flourish. Try it today and watch your plants thrive!

  • High-quality, coco medium
  • Promotes rapid root development;


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