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Hydrotops Floral Boost



Hydrotops Floral Boost

Hydrotops Floral Boost is an exceptional nutrient solution that caters to the nutritional requirements of your plants during the third to sixth weeks of the bloom period. At this stage, the plants’ demand for nutrients increases rapidly before reaching its peak, and Floral Boost is specifically designed to meet this requirement.

With changing nutrient assimilation ratios, it is essential to provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients. Hydrotops Floral Boost contains a perfect balance of nutrient ions that adequately supply the plants with the necessary nutrients.

One of the features of Floral Boost is its universal formulation, which makes it suitable for all water qualities. This feature eliminates the need to worry about the compatibility of the solution with your water quality.

Hydrotops Floral Boost comes in different sizes, including 1 litre, 5 litres, and 25 litres, allowing you to choose the most suitable size for your hydroponics setup.

One of the significant advantages of using Floral Boost is that it does not contain any plant growth regulators (PGR’s), ensuring your plants grow naturally without any synthetic growth enhancers. The nutrient solution encourages bountiful setting of flowers and fruit, making it ideal for flowering plants.

In addition to optimal ratios of phosphate and potassium, Hydrotops Floral Boost also contains added magnesium and NH-4 nitrogen. These nutrients are essential for maintaining an optimal profile in your nutrient solution and promoting healthy plant growth.

During this stage, the pH may fall, allowing for greater assimilation of phosphates essential for profuse fruit and flowers. Hydrotops Floral Boost is formulated to take advantage of this by providing the plants with adequate phosphates needed.

In summary

Hydrotops Floral Boost is an nutrient solution that meets the changing nutrient requirements of your plants during the bloom period. Its unique features make it suitable for all water qualities and promote healthy plant growth without any synthetic growth enhancers. With added magnesium and nitrogen,  Floral Boost grantees bountiful setting of flowers making it an excellent choice.

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