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Gold Label Clay Pebbles



Gold Label Clay Pebbles

Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles are manufactured using a mix of the best qualities pure clay and are baked in an open furnace using high grade clean fuels guaranteeing absense of heavy metals or other contaminates Gold Label Hydro proudly carries the RHP for horticulture quality certificate Gold Label Hydro is the inert hydroponics substrate of choice for professionals.

The 8-16 mm size provides stability and the unique uneven shape of the pebble is an ideal surface for roots and beneficial bacteria. The porous structure has a high water capacity and is suitable for both eb/flood and top irrigation systems How to get the most out of your Gold Label Hydro Rinse and then soak them before you use them the first time.

Measure the pH value as new pebbles have a high pH. Bring it down with pH- to a an appropriate stable pH. After each grow (or even during) flush with enzymes to clean. If you have had any disease or infection disinfect the substrate with a hydrogen peroxide solution (if not its a good idea to do it every year). Introduce beneficial bacteria and fungi! Yes clay pebbles are a great breeding place for soil life.

By introducing good bacterias you keep the pathogen bacterias out. Growing on a dead substrate makes it very vulnerable for pathogens. Leave the small root materials in the substrate. Its great organic material for your beneficial bacterias. A second grow on the same substrate most of the time gives a better result because of that. The recommended pH range is 5.5 6.5 optimum is around 6.2 though some growers rather go a bit lower around 5.8. That also depends on your nutrient Use special hydroponics nutrients that contain chelated micro elements.

These work almost pH independent so they work optimal at any chosen pH within the safe range. If you re-cycle your nutrients back to your tank you need to clean and refresh it every week. Starting plants for a pebbles substrate You can imagine you cant sow seeds in large pebbles but it is possible to start clones in them.


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