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Dutch Pro Grow Soil A&B



Dutch Pro Grow Soil A&B

Introducing Dutch Pro Grow Soil A&B – the complete grow feed specifically designed for soil that contains all the essential macro and micro growth nutrients necessary for exuberant plant growth. Dutch Pro Grow Soil A&B comes in 4 sizes, ideal for plant enthusiasts seeking optimal nutrition

As plants absorb essential elements from the soil, it is crucial to provide them with the appropriate ratio of nutrients. This helps prevent nutrient deficiency or toxicity, which can hinder the plant’s growth and health. With Dutch Pro Soil A&B, you can ensure your plants receive the right amount of nutrients to promote maximum growth.

During the grow phase, plants are vulnerable to fungi and bacteria related diseases, which can significantly impact their growth. To prevent this, a right mix of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphor is needed to support maximum growth rate and keep the plants vital and strong throughout the grow phase.

Grow Soil/Aarde A B perfectly mixes two components of nutrients to stimulate maximum growth and prevent diseases, containing potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.Optimized Original Grow Soil/Aarde A B reaches EC-levels of 1.5-1.8, leading to improved plant growth.

With Dutch Pro Soil A&B, you can rest assured that your plants are getting the necessary nutrients to thrive. Top choice for plant lovers, high quality components fully absorbed, no residue left, promotes exuberant plant growth. So, whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting, Dutch Pro  A&B is the perfect product for you!

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