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Canna Bio Rhizotonic




Canna Bio Rhizotonic

The most powerful root stim for organic growing.

A powerful root system ensures that the plant can absorb more nutrients and grow faster. Moreover, Canna Bio Rhizotonic has a massive effect on your plants. Thanks to this remarkable product, the plants extend their roots throughout the subsoil more quickly. Bio Rhizo is an ideal remedy for stressed plants, including cuttings during potting on, due to its beneficial effects. It helps control plant stress, especially in potting on situations.

Bio Rhizotonic also restores and strengthens plants that are unhealthy or look poorly.

Canna Bio Rhizotonic stimulates fast growing plant roots, using powerful algae based products. It is specifically designed for plants with roots or root problems. Rhizo helps further root development increases the plants resistance to disease and promotes its inner and outer strength.

  • Bio Rhizotonic is a 100% natural root stim (OMRI)
  • Canna Bio Rhizotonic contains a range of vitamins, including vitamin B1 and B2
  • Bio Rhizo stimulates the development of root (hairs), root tips and increases the plant’s resistance

Directions of use

  • Shake well before use
  • Dissolve 20-40 ml concentrate per 10 litre of water
  • Use 1-6 times daily on the plant medium. Alternatively, spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system forms.
  • When re potting, one should pre treat the growing medium with this solution
  • Canna Bio Rhizotonic performs best with a low EC. If needed, limit the use of Bio Rhizotonic to the initial few days.

Storage, health & safety and other directions

  • Over feeding has a negative effect on the medium you use
  •  Canna Bio Rhizotonic is 100% organic based and perfect for all growing media like soil, coco and hydro
  • Store closed in a dark and frost proof place
  • Keep out of reach of children


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