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BloomRoom Contactor Boards



BloomRoom Contactor Boards

The BloomRoom Contactor Board is a game changer in grow room control. As a serious grower, you need the right tools to manage your lights and environmental control systems. That’s where the BloomRoom Contactor Board comes in handy. This board comes in 4, 6, and 8-way configurations, making it easy to manage the electrical connections for your grow room setups.

The Contactor Board has premium components and sturdy construction, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your light systems. This board has powerful contactors up to 40 amps to support grow rooms with ample power.

One key benefits of using a timer board is the ability to control multiple devices with a single switch or timer. This ensures that only necessary devices operate, optimizing your light system and reducing costs. The BloomRoom Contactor Board can switch up to 8 lights or fans, making it ideal for your HID light systems.

The board has an integral Grasslin timer, which ensures your light system operates smoothly and efficiently. Heavy duty rubberised  moulded plugs provide a secure connection, while the tough metal box housing protects the components from damage.

The Contactor Board is a must have for any serious hydro setup, whether you’re new or a expert grower. Its customizable configurations, reliable performance, and durable construction make it the perfect choice for your grow room’s electrical connections.


In the BloomRoom Contactor Board ensures you have the best tools to optimize your growing experience. Reliable and safe, this timer switch has top quality construction, making it an excellent choice. Don’t wait any longer, get the BloomRoom Contactor Board today, and take your hydro growing to the next level!

4 way – 1 x 40 amp Contactor, 4 x sockets (timer)
6 way – 1 x 40 amp Contactor, 6 x sockets (timer)
8 way – 1 x 40 amp Contactor, 8 x sockets (timer)

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4 way, 6 way, 8 way


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