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Power Star Contactors



Power Star Contactors

Introducing Power Star Contactors, the ultimate solution for your grow rooms setup. Choose from our diverse range of budget friendly timers and pro models to meet your specific needs.

For those on a budget, we offer three options: the 2-way 2kW, 3-way 3kW, and 4-way 3kW timers. Efficient and reliable.

Upgrade to our professional range, available in three different sizes. First, we have the 4-way pro 3kW contactor, featuring a convenient 24-hour timer for precise control.

Next up is the 6-way pro 6kW contactor, also equipped with a 24-hour timer. Perfect for larger grow rooms systems.

Finally, the crown jewel of our pro range is the 8-way pro 6kW contactor, boasting a 24-hour timer for effortless control.

Power Star Contactors provide seamless performance, ensuring smooth power distribution and optimal functioning of your grow rooms. With our timers, you can easily control multiple devices, from pumps and lights to fans and heaters.

Our timers are designed with efficiency and durability in mind, allowing you to focus on your plants’ growth without worrying about electrical management. Each timer is built to last, with high quality parts and rigorous testing.

Experience peace of mind with the 24-hour timer functionality, enabling you to automate your grow rooms. Set precise schedules for your equipment, ensuring the ideal lighting, watering, and temperature conditions for your plants.

To top it off, our timers are user friendly, featuring intuitive controls and clear instructions. You don’t need to be an expert to operate them successfully.

Upgrade your grow room setup today with Power Star Contactors. Choose the budget or pro model that suits your needs and enjoy seamless power management for your garden.


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2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 4 Way 24hr Timer, 6 Way 24hr Timer, 8 Way 24hr Timer


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