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Biobizz Top Max




Biobizz Top Max

Introducing Biobizz Top Max – the perfect solution to achieving healthy and robust floral growth in your hydroponic setup. Available in three sizes ranging from 250ml up to 5ltr, this 100% organic flowering strengthener is incredibly effective, thanks to the humic and fulvic acids it contains.

The humic acids in Top·Max come from an ancient substance called Leonardite, found in the soil. Leonardite is derived from prehistoric trees and vegetation that thrived over 300 million years ago, during the carboniferous period. Fulvic acids are also present in Biobizz Top Max, sourced from rich humate deposits deep within the earth. The natural electrical charge of these acids helps to attract nutrients and minerals from the microbiological soil base.

When used as directed, with a recommended dose of 1ml per litre of water, Top·Max works wonders in enhancing the energy of old plant cells and stimulating the formation of new ones. The result is improved floral growth and higher quality crops. Biobizz Top Max is an ideal choice for any grower who wants to increase the size and weight of flower clusters while improving nutrient uptake.

But that’s not all! Plants grown with Biobizz Top Max also produce sweeter and smoother tasting crops. This is because Top·Max is able to activate the flow of nutrients by freeing up minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium in the soil, which in turn stimulates the plant’s metabolism.

In summary, using Top·Max has three excellent benefits. Firstly, it can help increase the actual size and weight of flower clusters. Secondly, it improves nutrient uptake, and thirdly, it results in sweeter, smoother tasting crops. So, if you want to take your hydro setup to the next level, try Biobizz Top Max today!

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