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BIO Green Garlic




 BIO Green Garlic

Introducing Bio green Garlic – the ultimate solution for a pest and fungus free grow rooms. This organic garlic product has Allicin, a powerful Antioxidant that benefits plants.

Allicin works as the first line of defence against insects and fungi, making it the perfect solution for stopping various Pathogenic Fungi and fend off a variety of insects, such as Spider Mites, Thrips, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, and Whitefly. Biogreen Garlic is a versatile solution for grow rooms, designed to be used with other pesticides for maximum effect.

One of the key factors of Bio green Garlic is it will not affect the taste or smell of your plants, therefore a natural harvest every time. It’s perfect for the flower phase, keeping plants healthy and serve as an excellent preventive measure

For Prevention

Simply mix 1ml of Biogreen Garlic per litre of water in the water butts and water the plants. Repeat every time you water the plants, from the start of the veg until the end of the flower phase.

Mix 4ml of Bio Green Garlic per liter of water with nutrients in water butt for bug infested plants. Then water the plants with the solution. Place a fresh head of lettuce  close to the infested plants.  This will give the bugs an untreated source of food to flee to. The next day, carefully wrap a bag around lettuce and dispose of it. For heavy infestations, repeat this after 3-4 days.

If your plants have powdery mildew or other fungi problems, use Biogreen Garlic as a foliar spray. Mix Biogreen Garlic with water, spray infected plants, cover top and bottom of leaves; 50ml per liter. Please repeat this process every 2-3 days until you have resolved the fungi problem.

In summery

Bio green Garlic is 100% organic, therefore no harmful or chemical residue is left behind. However, do not use it simultaneously with Hydrogen Peroxide products. Shake well before use and use as per the feeding instructions. Trust Biogreen Garlic for a natural and healthy grow room experience.


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