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Canna Mono Potassium



 Canna Mono Potassium

Introducing CANNA Mono Potassium – the ultimate organic solution to enhance the quality and quantity of your bloom phase. This unique feed helps with cell walls, plant resistance, water management, and nutrient transport for healthier plants with its organic minerals.

Canna Mono Potassium, with 20% K2O and no chloride, is vital for plant growth. Furthermore, it enhances blooming, protein and carbohydrate synthesis, water balance, and nutrient distribution. Its concentrated form ensures immediate absorption and fortification of cell tissue, there by resulting in better flower quality and quantity.

However, be careful not to mix Canna Potassium with other products that contain calcium and Magnesium. Use this organic mineral feed as a bloom booster or for Potassium deficiency as a supplement.

Dosage is simple and straight forward, with 10-20ml concentrate diluted in 10 litres of water. Overdosing can cause root acidification, calcium and Magnesium problems. Be careful when using.

Canna Mono Potassium is vital for plant growth and bloom. It’s the ideal organic solution for achieving your desired quality and quantity in growing. Get yours today and watch your plants flower like never before!

Symptoms Of A Deficiency

Accordingly, if there is a shortage of Potassium, evaporation decreases. A consequence is that the temperature in the leaves will increase and the cells will burn. This occurs mostly on the edges of the leaves, where normally, evaporation is highest.

Development Of A Deficiency

  • Tips of the younger leaves show grey edges.
  • Leaves turn yellow from the edge in the direction of the veins and rusty coloured dead spots appear on leaves.
  • The tips of the leaves curl up radically, and as a result, whole sections of the leaves begin to rot. The leaves keep on curling, and ultimately fall off.
  • An extreme shortage produces meagre, unhealthy looking plants with a low yield.


Reasons For A Deficiency

  • Too little, or the wrong type of feed.
  • Growing in Potassium fixed soils.
  • An excess of sodium (kitchen salt) in the root environment, however, as sodium slows down Potassium intake.

Solutions For A Deficiency

  • In case the EC in the media or soil is high, you can rinse with water.
  • Therefore, if there is a shortage of Potassium, evaporation decreases. To remedy this issue, as a solution, you can add Potassium in organic form: dissolve 10 grams into 10 litres of water. In acidic soils, additionally, you can add Potassium bicarbonate or Potassium hydroxide (5ml in 10 litres of water).
  • To add organic Potassium and protect roots, carefully introduce a water solution with wood ash, chicken manure, or manure slurry. Extracts of the grape family also contain a lot of Potassium.


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