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Autopot Cross Connectors



Autopot Cross Connector 16mm to 9mm

The Autopot Cross Connector is an essential component for hydro growers who want to reduce the size of their irrigation system. This cross fitting is perfect for use in large systems, has a diameter of 16mm that can be reduced to 9mm.

This product’s key advantage is its easy insertion in line at the point where an AQUAvalve or aquaPot is placed This makes it a convenient solution for growers who want to adjust their irrigation system without having to completely reconfigure their setup.

The Autopot Cross fitting comprises high quality materials, which are durable and long lasting. It is durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of continuous use.

In terms of installation, the Autopot Cross Connector is straight forward and easy to set up. Simply connect it to the appropriate pipes and you’re ready to go. This makes it a great choice for both novice and experienced growers alike.

Autopot Cross Connector: compact, high quality design for optimizing hydroponic irrigation systems. Ideal solution for efficient growth. So why wait? Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of a more effective hydro setup.


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