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Yoyo plant supports



Yoyo plant support device 10 pack

Yoyo plant supports are a must have for any grower. These self tightening plant support devices are designed to help prevent droopy plants from falling or leaning, which is a common problem for indoor growers.

Using the yoyo plant supports is easy. Simply attach the device to an area above the plant and hook the line lightly to a stem or branch. As the plant grows taller, the line retracts while continuing to hold it up gently. You can ensure that your plants remain supported and avoid droopiness, even as they continue to grow, by actively supporting them.

With a pack of 10 yoyo plant supports, you’ll have enough to support multiple stems in your indoor garden. Please use the included plastic stopper to keep the line at a static 60-inch length when adjusting it.

Not only do these plant supports provide practical benefits, but they also add a touch of visual interest to your indoor garden. Their simple and elegant design makes them a perfect addition to any hydro setup.

In summary, Yo yo plant supports are a reliable and effective solution for preventing droopy stems in your indoor garden. Rest assured that your plants will always have proper support with our self tightening mechanism and easy to use design. Enhance indoor garden appearance with yo yo plant supports. Add a pack to your toolkit for optimal results


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