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Ralight Wall Fans




Ralight Wall Fans

Ralight wall fans are Holland based and provide high quality wall fans. They have built there wall fans with quality in mind. They only make top quality wall fans that most importantly they build to be significantly more powerful than your standard wall fans.

Ralight wall fans are ideal in spaces where every square inch counts. You can mount a Ralight wall fan to any wall or ceiling in your room therefore giving you more space around your floor area for plants.

Ralight have taken their time to design and build one of the best wall fans on the market. Ralight fans can move more than 11.000 m3  per hour of air. The wall fan has been designed and made to last a long time. Ralight fans have most importantly been designed an built to be significantly more powerful than a standard wall fan.

Their robust and industrial appearance make these fans perfectly suited to any space.

Ralights’ unique design results in a Circulating Vortex, enhancing air movement within your grow room. This exceeds the performance of other brands wall fans.

Ralight fans have a 145 Watt motor. This ensures that Ralight fans can move more than 11.000 m3  per hour.

Holland based Ralight provides high quality fans by integrating experience, creativity and innovation in its products. By combining pragmatism, perfection, and high standards, we achieve truly unique results in our design and layout work. Our approach integrates these principles for excellent results. Our professional team, with over 10 years of experience, proves its ability to provide effective solutions that meet customer needs. We apply our knowledge to offer better solutions.


  • Easily Mountable To The Wall
  • Pivotable
  • Manually Adjustable In Vertical Direction
  • Speed Adjustable In Three Settings
  • Modern Design
  • Professional Quality



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18", 20"


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