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Looking for an efficient way to transfer small amounts of liquid in your hydroponics setup? Look no further than our high quality pipettes, now available in packs of 10!

These versatile tools are a must have for any hydro enthusiast, allowing you to easily transfer nutrients, pH solutions, and other liquids with precision and accuracy. Made from durable materials and designed for ease of use, our pipettes are the perfect addition to your hydroponics toolkit.

With a capacity of 3ml, these are ideal for handling small volumes of liquid, making them ideal for use with small plants or in compact growing spaces. Our pipettes improve hydroponic gardening for both experienced growers and beginners, promoting plant health and ease of use.

Thanks to their compact size and easy to use design, our pipettes are also ideal for use in a variety of other applications, from scientific experiments to DIY projects. So why wait? Add our pipettes to your toolkit today and start enjoying the benefits of precise, accurate liquid transfer!

Remember, when it comes to hydroponics, every detail matters. So why settle for subpar tools? Choose our high quality pipettes and take your growing to the next level. And with our convenient pack of 10, you’ll always have plenty on hand for whatever your hydroponics setup requires.


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