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NOKATECH SimpleX 680 LED grow light



NOKATECH SimpleX 680 LED grow light

Introducing the NOKATECH SimpleX 680 LED grow light – a high-performance, energy efficient fixture that is sure to meet the needs of any grower. With its full spectrum output and impressive PPE and PPF values of 2.7 µmol/j and 1836 μmol/s respectively, this fixture is a top choice for indoor horticulture cultivation.

At the heart of the SimpleX 680 is the DIGITAL Pro 600 HPS ballast, which provides 4 dimming levels (280W, 420W, 630W, and 680W) and supports a daisy chain function with up to 80 fixtures on one chain using RJ cables (included in the package) and a PWM controller (sold separately). This means you can easily connect multiple fixtures together for larger grow rooms.

With a maximum PPF of 1848 µmol/s and an efficacy of 2.7 µmol/j, this fixture delivers more than 960 average PPFD of PAR light intensity across your plants at 30cm (12in) height from the canopy. This ensures your plants receive optimal light levels for both vegetative growth and blooming stages.

The SimpleX 680

6 bar LED grow light powered by included 600W Electronic HPS ballast, mountable on fixture or positioned remotely. This gives you flexibility in how you set up your grow room.

This fixture has a balanced full spectrum output from a perfect mix of full spectrum white and red LEDs. Blue light ratio in this combination keeps crops tight, compact, and promotes optimal morphogenesis and light uptake.

Its important to note that the SimpleX 680 is for indoor use only in climate controlled farms and grow rooms. Consider the SimpleX 680 if seeking a top notch LED grow light with impressive yields.

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