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Lumatek ATS LED Pro




Lumatek ATS LED Pro

Upgraded diodes

Lumatek ATS LED Pro range features an upgrade to the latest generation white, deep red, and far red diodes. The unit achieves ultimate precision in light output with evenly distributed full spectrum additions throughout.

Previous generations of LEDs used a mixture of royal blue and deep red LEDs designed to optimise peaks in chlorophyll absorption. However, they missed out on spectra vital for high quality plant growth and struggled to penetrate denser plant canopies.

The new blend of white, deep red, and far red LEDs offers a far more powerful and uniform light source for greater light penetration, hot spot reduction, and enhanced overall plant health. Paired with the new Clear Glue protection technology, the upgraded diodes offer 99% light transmittance.

Longer lifetime

Despite its higher output, the Lumatek Pro lasts longer. This improved model brings average total lifetime up to 60,000 hours – beating industry standards by an additional 20%.

The Clear Glue protection technology ensures a more robust design, bringing it to IP65 water resistance and making the diodes more resistant to corrosion. The Pro is better protected against general wear and tear, meaning it can remain a high quality piece in your grow space for years to come.

Silent cooling system

No need to worry about noise. Lumatek has developed a passive convection cooling system, based on the natural movement of warmer air. This requires no assistance from a fan – so the Lumatek Pro can regulate its temperature completely silently.

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200w, 300w

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