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Metallised X Weave Tape



Metallised X Weave Tape

Introducing the Metallised X-Weave Tape, perfect for securely sticking reflective sheeting in your grow rooms. This tape, with a cross weave design that Reinforces it, prevents tears and guarantees long lasting performance, showing high Adhesiveness.

Designed to limit light reflectivity loss, the Aluminium Cross Weave Tape firmly mounts reflective sheeting. Additionally, its cross weave fiber structure prevents tearing and ensures that your sheeting remains firmly in place. With this tape, you can achieve the desired look and reliability for your reflective sheeting.

With its exceptional strength and durability, the Aluminum Cross Weave Tape is an ideal choice for sticking sheeting to walls. Its Adhesive Properties ensure that your sheeting stays in place.

The Metallised X-Weave Tape is specifically designed for growers who want quality and ease. By using this tape to mount Easy Grow Lightite foil or Black & White Sheeting, you can create a perfect environment in your grow rooms.¬†This tape’s reinforced cross weave design guarantees its resistance to tears and rips, making it a perfect choice for long term use. Whether you are setting up a new grow room or need to replace your old tape, the Metallised X-Weave Tape ensures the secure sticking of any sheeting.

Installation is a breeze with the highly adhesive properties of this tape. Simply apply it to the desired surface, and it will firmly adhere, giving a strong hold for your sheeting. The strong bond created by the tape prevents any movement, therefore consistent light reflection throughout your grow room.

In summary

The Metallised X-Weave Tape is the perfect solution for sticking Reflective Sheeting in your grow rooms. Additionally, its cross weave design prevents tears and ensures your Sheeting remains firmly in place. Choose this durable and highly Adhesive tape for top performance and maximum light Reflectivity.


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