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ULV Cold Fogger Machine



ULV Cold Fogger Machine

Introducing our advanced ULV Cold Fogger Machine, a powerful and efficient solution for your grow room needs!

Upgrade your grow room setup with the ULV Cold Fogger Machine. Its adjustable, even droplets ensure thorough coverage for better results. The machine boasts corrosion resistant pipes and a crackproof, shockproof, temperature stable fogger head, guaranteeing longevity. Enjoy precise chemical mixing using the translucent tank cover and scale. Our patented anti backflow technology protects the solution. The frequency conversion motor provides adjustable delivery lift and reduced noise, ultimately saving on chemicals.

Fogger has a 5ltr water tank.


  1. Rapid and thorough coverage; adjustable, even droplets for space or residual spray applications.
  2. Corrosion-resistant solution and air pipes; crack resistant, shockproof, and temperature stable fogger head for extended machine life.
  3. Easily measure and mix chemical solutions with the solution tank’s clear scale and translucent cover.
  4. Patented anti backflow technology ensures solution integrity.
  5. Frequency conversion motor with adjustable delivery lift and noise reduction for chemical efficiency.

Experience unparalleled performance with our Cold Fogger Machine, perfect for growers!

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