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Gavita Pro LED Adaptor



Gavita Pro LED Adaptor

The Gavita Pro LED Adaptor is an essential component for controlling your Gavita Pro LEDS. This adapter is sold separately. It connects the Gavita Pro 1700e LED fixture to Master Controller EL1 and EL2 units, giving full light control.

The Gavita LED Adaptor, designed for wet environments and with a maximum operating temperature of 40 C, maintains its durability and longevity as it complies with CE/CB standards and holds an IP56 rating.

With RJ45 connectors, you can daisy chain multiple adapters together, allowing you to operate multiple LEDs from one device. This feature provides a high level of flexibility, making it easier to control and customize your grow rooms.

Non-controlled leds operate at 100%, but with the Gavita LED Adaptor, you can control your LED lights and use them alongside other E-Series Gavita fixtures. With a 12 month warranty, you can trust that this adaptor will be a reliable and long lasting addition.

Overall, the Gavita LED Adaptor is an vital tool for anyone looking to take full control of their light system. Its flexibility, durability, and compatibility with other Gavita fixtures make it an excellent investment for any serious grower.


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