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Hailea Air Curtain



Hailea Air Curtain

Introducing the Hailea Air Curtain – the perfect solution for maintaining healthy and oxygenated water in your hydro system. This innovative air diffuser generates a curtain of bubbles that not only enhances the aesthetic of your system but also improves the oxygenation process, leading to better nutrient uptake by your plants.

Crafted with high quality materials, the Air Curtain is built to last and withstand the demanding conditions of hydroponic gardening. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install and operate, while its energy-efficient motor ensures a quiet and reliable performance.

With its adjustable air flow control valve, you can easily regulate the amount of air generated by the Hailea Air Curtain, making it suitable for a wide range of hydro systems. Whatever your growing, this air diffuser will provide your plants with the optimal level of oxygen they need to thrive.

Thanks to its low maintenance design, the Hailea Air Curtain requires minimal upkeep, saving you time and energy. Simply rinse it with clean water every few weeks to keep it running at peak efficiency.

In summary, the Hailea Air Curtain is a must have for any hydro grower who wants to maintain healthy and vibrant plants. Its innovative design, high quality construction, and easy to use features make it the perfect addition to any hydro system. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!


  • 24 Inch flexible rubber air curtain will fit into almost any water butt
  • Porous rubber creates many small bubbles
  • Mixes and oxygenates your nutrient solution
  • Oxygenated nutrient solution improves root-health and turbo-charges plant growth
  • Air pump and air line available separately
  • Less risk of accidental breakage than with an airstone

How it works

firstly Connect the air curtain to your air pump using 4mm air line. Always make sure that your air pump is at a higher level than the surface of the water in your tank to prevent water siphoning back into the air pump.Lower the Hailea Air Curtain down to the bottom of your butt and switch your air pump on.

Every so often, gently clean the surface of the air curtain to maintain the airflow and bubble production.Hailea Air Curtain do degrade with use and will become clogged over time. Therefore try to make sure you replace them regularly.



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