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Hailea ACO 9630 Air Pump



Hailea ACO 9630 Adjustable Air Pump (8 outlet)

Introducing the Hailea ACO 9630 Air Pump – the perfect addition to your hydroponics system. This air pump has 16L/min capacity and 8 outlets for 4mm pipes, suitable for hydroponics needs.

What sets the Hailea  Air Pump apart is its high efficiency oil free design, which ensures that your system remains contamination free. This air pump uses only 2W but delivers 3-16 liters/min. It’s also highly energy efficient

The compact ergonomic casing of the Hailea Air Pump features a variable flow control, allowing you to adjust the airflow as per your requirements. This air pump has various outlet options, removing the need for manifolds, making it affordable and hassle free for hydroponics.

One of the standout features of this air pump is its integrated rubber feet that reduce vibration and keep noise levels at a minimum. This makes it a perfect choice for indoor gardening setups where noise pollution is a concern.

The Hailea  Air Pump is also easy to service, with simple and low cost maintenance requirements. All in all, this air pump is a reliable and efficient choice for your hydro setup. So why wait? Grab the Hailea ACO 9630 Air Pump today for a bubbling hydro garden.


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