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CX Horticulture Coco A&B



CX Horticulture C0c0 A&B

Introducing the CX Horticulture Coco A&B nutrient, the ultimate solution for all coco-based growing systems. Whether you are growing your favorite plant indoors or outdoors, CX Coco A&B is the perfect base fertilizer for the vegetative and flowering stages.

CX Horticulture understands the needs of growers for a stable, easy-to-use nutrient that delivers consistent results. With our nonreactive micronized suspensions, we have addressed the challenge of chemical stability that has plagued many concentrated nutrient solutions.

CX Coco A&B assures healthy growth of your plants by providing all the essential nutrients they need, without any insoluble elements falling out of suspension. Our formula ensures that the base nutrients are strong enough to promote plant growth, while maintaining the delicate balance of necessary elements.

We recognize that plant growth is influenced by a wide range of environmental factors, including nitrogen drawdown, denitrification, and ion antagonism. CX Coco A&B development relied on analyzing regular dry leaf and sap samples in both laboratory and field environments. Our nutrient solution takes into account a range of environmental factors to deliver the best possible results.

At CX Horticulture, we have designed our nutrient range specifically for consumable crops. Our PGR-free formula is easy to use and quality driven, making it the natural choice for any dedicated grower. With CX Coco A&B, you can rest assured that you are giving your plants the best possible care.

So why wait? Order your CX Horticulture Coco A&B nutrient today and experience the difference it can make in your hydro garden.

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