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Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power



Buddha’s Tree Solar Green Power

Introducing Buddha’s Tree Solar Green Power, the true nano silicic acid fertiliser that revolutionises the way plants absorb silicon. Thanks to the application of Nano-technology, Solar Green Power is a colloidal liquid silicon fertiliser with high bioavailability that easily penetrates the leaf and forms a thick silicate layer on the leaf surface.

This aqueous colloidal dispersion contains 10% amorphous silica (SiO2) in the form of silicic acid. Plants only absorb silicic acid from silicon, Solar Green Power is an excellent source of it. Silica particles are discrete spheres without cross-linking, and have hydroxyl groups on their surface. The particle size lies within the Nano range, typically 15 nanometers.

Unlike other liquid products like potassium silicate, Solar Green Power is weakly alkaline, making it much easier to handle and mix with other products. Solar Green Power has stable charged colloidal particles and inorganic fertiliser without organic solvents.

Buddhas Tree Solar Green is the perfect solution for those looking for an efficient and effective way to provide their plants with the silicon they need to thrive. Solar Green Power: High bioavailability, true nano silicic acid formula. Ideal for hydroponics. Enhance plant growth. Try it today.

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