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Bloomroom Tower Grow Tents



Bloomroom Tower Grow Tents

Upgrade your indoor growing game with the Bloomroom Tower Grow Tents. Designed with the latest indoor growing technology in mind, these tents offer 2.35 metres of height, making them perfect for use with advanced lighting systems like Gavita, Parlux, or powerful LED lights.

If you’re a grower looking to grow bigger plants, these tents are an ideal choice. Choose from five sizes for optimal plant growth in enclosed environment with customizable conditions.

Made from 600*300D material, the Bloomroom Tower Grow Tents are not only durable but also come with a highly reflective interior lining, ensuring your plants get maximum light exposure. The strong frames, thick poles, and welded metal corners provide added stability, making these tents a long lasting investment.

The tents feature large ventilation holes with pull cords in the top, bottom, and roof, helping you to regulate temperature and humidity. Passive intake vents have bug proof screens, and cable access holes simplify lighting and equipment setup.

The uplift bars provide an easy way to enter water pipes at floor level, while the front, side, and rear doors (on larger tents) make it easy to access your plants from any angle. Tents have sealed windows, drip trays, and meter holders, making them ideal for professional growers.

  • 2.35 metre tall
  • Professional quality grow tent
  • Extra strong material and frame
  • Great for high powered lights
  • Perfect for bigger plants

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1.2m x 1.2m, 2.4m x 1.2m, 2.4m x 2.4m, 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m


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