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Biobizz Acti Vera




Biobizz Acti Vera

Introducing Biobizz Acti Vera, the perfect solution for enhancing the health and growth of your plants! Available in two sizes, 1ltr up to 5ltr, Acti·Vera is a specific design that enhances plant health by protecting their immune system, increasing metabolism, and improving nutrient absorption.

Drawing inspiration from the many benefits of aloe vera in skincare, Biobizz has created Acti·Vera to work its magic on plants. This potent formula strengthens and improves the overall health of your plants, both inside and out. It activates and protects the immune system, increases germination, and enhances plant metabolism, breaking down sugars and improving nutrient up take.

Acti·Vera is a 100% vegan, super natural power product for plants. It is not only healthy and fresh but also anti bacterial, cleansing, and detoxifying. By using Acti·Vera, you can ensure that your plants remain strong, healthy, and vibrant throughout their growth cycle.

To use Acti·Vera, Biobizz recommends a dose of 5ml per 1 litre of water. This easy to use formula is designed to make plant care a breeze.

Don’t settle for subpar plant care products that could harm your plants or impede their growth. Choose Biobizz Acti Vera and enjoy healthy, thriving plants that will bloom under your care.

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