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Omega 600w Air Cooled Kits




Omega 600w Air Cooled Lighting Kits

Looking for a high performance and cost effective lighting system for your hydroponics setup? Look no further than the Omega 600w Air Cooled Kit, regarded as one of the best on the market. This combination package includes a range of high quality components that are sure to meet your needs.

One of the key components of this kit is the Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp. This advanced lamp is designed to optimize light output at each stage of a plant’s growth. Featuring two ceramic tubes, the lamp achieves consistent lumen output and longer lasting performance, while reducing heat and contributing to increased plant yield. This is truly the ultimate lamp for your hydroponic garden.

Another standout component of the Omega 600w Air Cooled Kit is the Omega Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast. Unlike any other dimmable ballast on the market, this system gives you complete versatility and performance from a single lighting system. With this ballast, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect light intensity for your plants at every stage of their growth.

Finally, the Omega Black Air Cooled Reflector is the perfect finishing touch to this comprehensive kit. Designed to blast away hot air and improve indoor temperatures, this high quality reflector features two ports for input and exit air, giving you even more control over your growing environment. Customize your reflector with various spigot sizes to fit your specific requirements.

Overall, the Omega 600w Air Cooled Kit is an excellent value for money, and provides the perfect solution for anyone looking to optimize their hydroponic growing environment. So why wait? Get yours today and start growing like a pro!

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