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Atami Blossom Builder Liquid



Atami B’cuzz Blossom Builder Liquid

Atami Blossom Builder Liquid is for the grower who only wants the best for their plants Atami has expanded their B’cuzz range with Blossom Builder, a finisher like no other! It is commonly known as the flowering phase progresses, your plants  need for Phosphorus and Potassium will increase as well.

Especially for the final 2 to 4 weeks in this flowering phase Atami has developed Blossom Builder Liquid. Blossom Builder Liquid ensures an improved structure of the fruit and creates strong, healthy and beautiful large fragrant flowers/ fruit. Due to the unique P:K ratio of 18% and 23% Blossom Builder Liquid meets all the needs of your plant,  also the higher level of Phosporus compare to Potassium improves the hardening of the fruit.

The B’cuzz Blossom Builder Liquid can be used in combination with soil, cocos, hydro and is usable in any irrigation system.

Brand Name B’cuzz
cultivation style soil, coco, hydro
type of plant nutrition stimulators
Suitable for in & outside
N-Value 0
P-Value 18
K-Value 23
0.25-0.50ml per litre of nutrient solution.
Grow tips
Mix your standard basic nutrition in a tank, then add 0.25ml to 0.50ml of Blossom Builder Liquid per litre of nutrient solution.

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