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Dutch Pro Leef Green



Dutch Pro Leef Green

Introducing Dutch Pro Leef Green, the solution that ensures your plants are healthy and vibrant, with a vigorous appearance. Our product comes in four sizes, ranging from 1 liter to 20 liters, making it a perfect solution for various types of plants in different growth stages.

Leef Green is formulated with several essential micronutrients that promote the development of green pigment in the leaves, which is crucial for the photosynthetic process. Your plants will grow healthier and more vibrant because they quickly absorb the product, which ensures optimal nutrient uptake.

Nutrient deficiency is a common issue that can lead to plant death, making them susceptible to fungi and bacterial infections. One way to identify this deficiency is through the yellowing of leaves. Leef Green reverses damage, restores healthy green state of plants.

At Dutch Pro, we understand the importance of a healthy garden. That’s why we recommend Leef Green for all your hydroponic needs. With its nutrient packed formula, you can rest assured that your plants are getting the best care and nourishment.

Dutch Pro Leef Green offers plants vital micronutrients, improves photosynthesis, and restores natural green color. Best product choice.

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