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Dutch Pro Multi Total



Dutch Pro Multi Total

Introducing the Dutch Pro Multi Total – the ideal solution to enhance the growth and health of your plants! This product plays a crucial role in turning dead plant matter into valuable plant food that are necessary for the growth of your plants.

By enhancing the soil structure, Multi Total stimulates significant root growth and increases the water retention capacity of the soil. The enhanced water retention ability ensures a steady supply of water to your plants, helping in their survival and growth.

The micronutrients present in Multi Total support the process of retaining feed in the soil. The higher the soil can retain nutrients, the more plant food is available to your plants, which in turn promotes their strength and vitality.

The benefits of Multi Total do not stop there. It supports bacterial life that turns organic material into beneficial nutrients for your plants. Rhizobia is one of the key bacteria stimulated by Dutch Pro Multi Total, which lives within the roots of your plants and converts organic matter into nitrogen – an key nutrient that promotes plant growth and health.

Multi Total also helps to stimulate the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of minerals and micronutrients. The higher the CEC, the more positively charged ions the soil can attract, resulting in improved soil fertility and better resistance against fungi and stress situations.

Multi Total has premium components fully absorbed by plants with no residue, making it note worthy. You can rest assured that your plants will receive all the necessary feed to grow strong and healthy.

Dutch Pro Multi Total supports plant growth by turning dead matter into valuable nutrients, making it an excellent product. It helps with root growth, and soil structure, promotes water retention, and supports bacterial life. Get yours today and watch your plants grow stronger and happier !

100 ml per 100 litres water (1:1000).

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