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Dutch Pro Explode




Dutch Pro Explode

Introducing Dutch Pro Explode – the ultimate blossom enhancer for plants in full bloom. This powerful product is packed with micronutrients, vitamins and acids, providing your plants with everything they need to produce explosive hardening of the blossom.

During the bloom stage, plants require a lot of energy to produce flowers and prepare for pollination. Green leaves use light, carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients from the soil to create glucose, producing this energy via photosynthesis. A nutrient deficiency during the bloom stage can be catastrophic for plants, causing leaves to turn yellow and reducing the amount of chlorophyll.

Explode provides plants with essential nutrients for explosive bloom hardening. In addition, it increases resistance to fungi- and bacteria related diseases, making sure your plants stay healthy throughout the bloom phase.

Dutch Pro Explode stimulates green pigment production and increases chlorophyll in leaves, offering significant benefits. This improves the photosynthetic process, allowing your plants to produce even more glucose from light, carbon dioxide and water & nutrients.

The result? Explosive growth in weight and taste of your flowers and fruits. Explode, a high quality product, completely absorbs into your plants without leaving any residue behind.

Choose Dutch Pro Explode for an explosive flower phase and a bountiful harvest.


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