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Autopot 1 Pot Module



Autopot 1 Pot Module

The Autopot 1 Pot Module is a highly efficient watering system designed for both household gardeners and commercial growers. With this system, you can achieve impressive yields from your plants, whether you’re growing in your home, garden, greenhouse, or poly tunnel.

Autopot 1 Pot Module’s modular design offers flexibility for creating systems of unlimited scale. Modules can be moved easily to adapt to grower and plant needs, making easy adjustments.

Like all AutoPot Systems, the 1Pot Module features AQUAvalve technology, which enables simple, efficient, and low maintenance feeding and watering of both edible and ornamental plants. After assembly, simply fill the reservoir with water and liquid fertiliser (if needed), and the 1Pot System will take care of all your plant’s feeding requirements throughout their entire life cycle, providing them with fresh, balanced feed.

The 1Pot Module has all you need to begin: 1Pot System, tray, lid, 15L pot, AQUAvalve, 1.5m 9mm pipe, Marix Disc, and Root Control Disc.

Thanks to its user friendly design and AQUAvalve technology, the Autopot 1 Pot Module is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners looking to achieve impressive yields from their plants. Upgrade your gardening with an innovative watering system. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve efficiency

1Pot Module includes:

1Pot System
Tray & lid
15ltr Pot
1.5 meters of 9mm Pipe
Marix Disc (SQUARE) 186mm x 186mm (BLACK)
Root Control Disc (SQUARE) 196mm x 196mm (BLACK & GOLD)


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