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Autopot Flexitanks Pro



Autopot Flexitanks Pro

Introducing the FlexiTank Pro – White – Lower Water Temperatures, the latest addition to the innovative AutoPot Watering Systems lineup. Designed to address the challenges posed by bright, high temperature environments, the FlexiTank Pro boasts a reflective and light tight skin that effectively lowers water temperatures, ensuring optimal plant growth and development.

Equipped with internal capacity markings, the FlexiTank Pro provides a convenient way to keep track of water levels, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment. The tank’s ultra strong and anti tip design further adds to its durability, making it an ideal choice for growers looking for a robust and reliable solution.

What sets the FlexiTank Pro apart from its predecessor is its fully collapsible design, which allows for hassle free transportation and storage. Growers prefer this feature for easy movement of their hydro setups between locations, making it popular.

FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro share accessories, easy integration with existing AutoPot Watering Systems. The FlexiTank Pro is a practical solution for hydroponic growers, with a sleek and versatile modern design.

Flexi Pro comes in 3 sizes (100ltr, 225ltr, 400ltr) and is a must have for serious hydro enthusiasts for best plant growth.

FlexiTank Pro Features:

Reflective and light tight


Anti-tip design

Internal capacity markings

Simple assembly in minutes

All fittings included

plain retail box

100L Tank Dimensions (when filled with water): 48.5cm dia x 70cm high

225L Tank Dimensions (when filled with water): 58.5cm dia x 85cm high

400L Tank Dimensions (when filled with water): 73.5cm dia x 105cm high


Additional information

Choose your size

100ltr, 225ltr, 400ltr


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