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Canna Coco Natural



Canna Coco Natural

Introducing Canna Coco Natural, the ultimate organic coco for indoor grow rooms. Coco Natural, unlike other coco based mediums, is lightly buffered and free from harmful viruses or soil diseases. It is perfect for healthy plant growth.

Coco Natural’s water and air system ensures the ideal coco growing environment, allowing your plants to thrive with optimal conditions. Optimal 73%/23% water air ratio nourishes plants with ideal moisture and oxygen levels, boosting root development and growth speed.

Not only is Coco Natural a top quality product that meets strict growing standards, it’s also reusable! This sustainable medium has multiple uses, offering a cost effective and eco friendly solution for your growing needs.

Canna Coco Natural has abundant wood cellulose, maintaining its properties over time due to its high content of this material. This means that you can reuse it multiple times without compromising on quality.

To create the perfect pH level, Coco Natural undergoes rinsing and buffering, enabling your plants to develop quickly. With its superior purity and exceptional quality, Coco Natural is the perfect substrate for your hydro setup.

Additionally, don’t settle for below par medium that may contain harmful pathogens or viruses. Instead, choose Canna Coco Natural for a safe and sustainable experience. Order yours today and take your growing to the next level!



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