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SMS Temperature Sensor



SMS Temperature Sensor

SMS Temperature Sensor is a replacement for a damaged or faulty sensor on a SMS fan speed controller.

The SMS Temperature Sensor, an vital tool for maintaining the perfect environment in your grow rooms. This device helps you monitor plant temperature, ensuring it stays within the optimal range for healthy growth.

The SMS Temperature Sensor works by using a high precision probe that is placed near the canopy of your plants. This probe provides temperature readings to the on board computer of the SMS unit. The computer adjusts inline duct fans based on the readings to maintain the desired temperature.

Installing it is easy and you can use it with SMS Fan Speed Controllers to create a fully automated climate. The Temperature Sensor regulates air extraction in your grow area, stopping temperature fluctuations and ensuring plant comfort and health.

With its reliable and accurate temperature readings, the Temperature Sensor is perfect for use in a variety of setups. Whether you are growing tents or rooms this device will help you achieve optimal results.

Investing in an Temperature Sensor is a smart choice for any grower who wants to take their setup to the next level. With its advanced technology , this device is a must for anyone who is serious about achieving the best results.

  • 3m long temperature sensor
  • Upgrades your standard SMSCom 6.5-Amp Fan Speed Controller
  • Used as a direct Replacement for a damaged or faulty sensor
  • Easy to install


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