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Smart Gro Light Ratchets



Smart Gro Light Ratchets

Looking for a convenient and reliable solution to hang your grow lights with ease? Look no further than Smart Gro Light Ratchets!

With a handling capacity of 34Kg, these ratchets make it easy to hang your lights over your plants without any hassle. The Smart Light Ratchets feature a release plastic clip that allows you to adjust the position of the reflectors with ease and accuracy, so you can ensure that your plants are getting the perfect amount of light they need to thrive.

The ratchets adjust to any height, allowing flexible light adjustments. You can raise or lower the lights as needed. Maintaining the perfect distance between plants and lights ensures optimal growth and yield, making it easier to achieve growing success.

Each pack of Light Ratchets comes with two hangers, so you can easily set up your grow rooms without any additional hardware or accessories needed.

Smart Gro Ratchets‘ easy design suits hassle free light hanging, making them the ideal choice for growers. Convenient and user friendly! These ratchets are perfect for any grower seeking a straightforward solution to hanging their lights.

So why wait? Order your pack of Light Ratchets today and take your grow rooms to the next level!




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