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Parlux Master Controller



Parlux Master Controller


Parlux Master Controller is an ideal device for growers who want to take advantage of smart technology. With Parlux Master Controller, you get complete control over the lighting in your grow rooms. Once you have set the settings, the Parlux master controller operates automatically.

How it works

The Master Controller has the ability to control two lighting groups, each with a capacity of up to 80 ballasts. Additionally, the controller allows simultaneous monitoring of both groups on its screen.

The LCD touchscreen provides you with all the necessary information, such as the digital timer, temperature, functions, and settings.

The master controller comes with a lot of helpful features such as Emergency Shut Down and Auto Dim functions.

The controller works as a safety device that automatically adjusts the light and maintains the optimum amount of light.

The temperature sensor controls the grow room temperature. It reduces illumination if there’s a rise, and turns off lights if the temperature rapidly rises to unacceptable levels until optimal temperatures return.

It works in the opposite direction, so if the temperature drops below the desired level, the illumination level will increase.

The master controller operates on a 24-hour cycle, simulating sunrise and sunset. It gradually turns lights off and on within a specific time period.

With this gradual reduction and enhancement of light, the master controller imitates the nature and environment that is most suitable for your plants.

Features of Parlux Master Controller:

  • It can control two lighting groups 600w and 1000w
  • Up to 80 ballasts per group
  • No need for timers and contactors
  • Plug and play and very easy to operate
  • Intuitive LCD touch screen
  • Safety device
  • Temperature sensor
  • Room overheating protection
  • Emergency Shut Down function
  • Maintains the optimum level of temperature
  • Mimics sunrise and sunset
  • User manual


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