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Clonex Hormone Gel



Clonex Hormone Gel

Clonex Hormone Gel is a highly effective rooting compound that has become the go-to choice for both professional and amateur horticulturists worldwide. Its exceptional success rate in promoting successful propagation has made it a staple in the gardening community.

The secret to Clonex’s success lies in its specially formulated gel, which contains a blend of essential hormones and vitamins that work together to stimulate root growth and development. The gel also contains an anti-microbial agent to help prevent fungal and bacterial infections that can hinder root growth.

Clonex Gel has been rigorously tested on billions of cuttings, with consistent and impressive results. Its proven track record makes it a trusted choice for those looking to maximize their chances of successful propagation.

One of the key benefits of Clonex Gel is its ease of use. Simply dip your cuttings into the gel, and the hormones and vitamins will work to encourage the development of strong and healthy roots. Clonex Gel can be used on a variety of plant species, making it a versatile tool for gardeners and horticulturists.


Horticulturists have relied on Clonex Hormone Gel for years as a reliable and effective rooting compound. Its ability to promote successful propagation and its ease of use make it a must-have for any serious gardener looking to maximize their plant’s potential.

  • It is easy to use.
  • It seals cut tissue instantly, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism.
  • It contains rooting hormone at 3,300 parts per million, the full strength required for explosive root development.
  • It is a gel – far safer than liquids or powders because it cannot splash or blow about. Unlike liquids and powders, CLONEX will remain in contact with the stem right through the rooting period.
  • It does not wash off when plants are watered.
  •  Partner products ROOT RIOT and CLONEX MIST to give young plants the healthiest and most powerful start in life.


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