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Evoponic PK Bulk




Evoponic PK Bulk

For Smashing blooms

Evoponic PK Bulk is the latest evolution in PK boosters. Naturally, it delivers large quantities of phosphorus and potassium, but this formula also includes an array of plant hormones (derived from natural sources) that work alongside the P and K to promote even denser concentrations of flowers while encouraging the swelling of fruits.

  •  increase in flowering sites
  • Causes fruits to swell-up in size
  • Increases the weight of the end-product
  • Concentrated formula
  • Gets the job done any medium or system
  • Can be used with any base nutrient

How PK Bulk Works:

PK Bulk is a concentrated PK booster that is used alongside your base nutrient to deliver rapid growth and development during the flowering stages. As well as containing a plentiful supply of phosphorus and potassium, PK Bulk’s formula also includes special hormones derived from natural sources that accelerate fruiting while toughening plants against environmental stresses.

We recommend using silicon at the same time, so that your plants can develop branches strong enough to support the weight of the fruits you’re going to produce.

How to use Evoponic PK Bulk:

Add Evoponic PK Bulk to your reservoir at the rates shown below and top up with your base nutrient until you reach the desired EC/CF level, then adjust

Add PK Bulk at a rate of 0.25 ml per litre

Stop using PK Bulk for the last week or 2, especially during the final flush.



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