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Plant Vitality Killermite



Plant Vitality Killermite

Introducing Plant Vitality Killermite Concentrate. The ultimate solution for killing common pests like Western Flower Thrips, Leaf Miners and two spotted Spider Mites in your grow rooms. Killermite’s powerful formula not only enables it to quickly tackle Infestations but also reduces stress and crop damage.

Killermite is its exceptional value for money. Just one 250ml bottle can make 500 litres of spray, which is enough to treat even the largest of gardens. This is a budget friendly option for growers seeking plant protection from pests while saving money.

Plant Vitality Killermite works with Abamectin, which kills bugs but has low toxicity for mammals, making it effective. This means that it is not only effective but also safe to use around your plants, with no harmful side effects.

To use

Plant Vitality Killermite is highly effective. Simply dilute it with water and add it to your spray gun. For safety, spray in low light and always treat both sides of plant leaves. However, the correct usage will depend on the species you are trying to kill.

Apply Killermite for Western Flower Thrips when nymphs appear, with 2 or 3 treatments spaced a week apart. Mix at a rate of 0.5ml per litre of water.

For Leaf Miners, apply Killermite at the first sign of crop damage, leaving a week between each application. Dilute at a rate of 0.5ml per litre of water.

For Two Spotted Spider Mites, apply Killermite immediately after spotting mites or leaf damage. If the problem still there after one week, combine this product with another using a different mode of action.


PlantVitality Killermite Concentrate is a must have product for growers who want to keep their plants safe and healthy. Moreover, it offers a potent formula, great value, and simple instructions, making it ideal for pest control.

  • An powerful Insecticide
  • Comes with a full Pesticide Approval License
  • Makes up to 500 litres of solution
  • Destroys Thrips, Leaf Miners and Spider Mites
  • Fast-acting and highly effective
  • Can destroy entire Colonies with one application




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