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Revolution Silenced EC Extractors



Revolution Silenced V2 Vector EC Extractors


Revolution Silenced EC Extractors are the ultimate sound absorbing fan for your grow room setup. With its silent motor and double balanced blades, this fan is designed to provide maximum airflow without any annoying noise.

The Revolution Silenced V2 is built with powerful, aerodynamically optimized blades and guide vanes, creating fast and high pressure airflows. While this can sometimes result in noisy operation, the Revolution Silenced V2 has a sound reducing foam incorporated into its housing to eliminate unwanted noise.

This foam, designed specifically for ventilation systems, ensures that it does not absorb moisture or dust, which may compromise the fan’s performance over time. With the Revolution Silenced V2, you can enjoy all the benefits of powerful airflow without any of the drawbacks of noise pollution.

In addition to its sound absorbing capabilities, the Revolution Silenced V2 is also incredibly durable. Its high quality construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of constant use, while its innovative design promotes excellent heat resistance.


The Revolution Silenced Stratos V2 is the perfect fan for anyone looking to keep their grow rooms quiet and efficient. This fan excels in performance with its strong motor, double balanced blades, and noise reducing foam, all while operating silently. So why wait? Order your Revolution Silenced EC V2 today and take your grow room setup to the next level!

  • The Most Efficient Fan On The Market, Is NowThe Quietest
  • Outstanding Performance And Air Flow
  • Sealed Housing To Prevent Leaks
  • Hanging Brackets For Easy Installation
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • IEC Cable Attached
  • Fully Serviceable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Made In Germany
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Revolution Silenced Fans

150 Vector EC Super Silenced V2 (764m3/h), 200 Vector EC Super Silenced V2 (1345m3/h), 250 Vector EC Super Silenced V2 (1787m3/h), 250L Vector EC Super Silenced V2 (2102m3/h), 315 Vector EC Super Silenced V2 (2224m3/h), 315 Vector EC Super Silent (3874m3/h), 355 Vector EC Super Silent (6000m3/h)


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